The Scheduler feature allows you to let your customers make bookings or schedule deliveries. By scheduling deliveries, customers will be able to select the timing that is most convenient for them to receive their purchase, based on the available delivery times you set. You can add in as many schedules as you want. Schedules are classified and filtered by type, either Booking or Delivery.


Upon clicking the green View Calendar button, an overview of the monthly schedule can be seen. The slots highlighted in red are booked by the customers.

scheduler 2

When the highlighted bookings are clicked, the details of the booking will appear.

scheduler 5

On the merchant’s side, a notification will appear to alert the merchant on the new booking. The slot that has been recently confirmed will automatically be blocked out from the calendar to prevent overlapped bookings.

scheduler 3

Tax Information

This refers to the tax that accompanies every purchase. Example of taxes can be Goods and Services Taxes (GST), Sales taxes and Value Added Taxes (VAT). You can configure these taxes over at the Tax Information section.

tax info

tax info 2

Adding Schedules

To add a new schedule, click on the Add Schedule button and fill in the fields accordingly.

Schedule Name allows you to name your booking or delivery.

Type refers to the type of schedule you wish to create, either a Booking or a Delivery. This will be used by as a filter, making it easier for you to search your schedules.

Start Date refers to the date you wish to start your booking or delivery schedule.

Frequency refers to how often customers can make a booking or schedule a delivery. You may choose between One Time or Weekly.

Available Slots refers to the number of available slots customers can choose from on any given booking or delivery day.

Time Slots allow you to set the start time and end time for bookings and deliveries. You can add as many time slots as you wish for a given day. You can also set your own availability slot in the Custom Available Slot field.

Adding Blocks

Blocking allows you to determine a specific time period when customers are not allowed to make any bookings or deliveries.


To add a block, click on the Add Blocker button and fill in the fields accordingly.


Blocker Name refers to the name of the block you wish to set.

Start Date refers to the date you wish to begin blocking bookings and deliveries.

End Date refers to the date you wish to stop your block.

Frequency refers to how often you wish to block customers from making bookings and deliveries. You can choose between One Time and Weekly.

TimeSlots refers to the time your block will start and end. You can add as many time slots as you want.

Once you’ve saved your block, you can add it into your set schedule in order to prevent bookings and deliveries during that time. To do so, click Edit on the schedule you wish to add the block into. Your saved block should appear under the header of Available Blockers. Then, click Add Blocker and it should appear under the header of Applied Blockers.


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