Create Memberships

Create Memberships

You can set multiple tiers of memberships based on your customer groups. Here’s an example:

  • Bronze Membership
  • Silver Membership
  • Gold Membership

You can name the title of the membership, and you can set a different level of discount benefits for each membership.

To configure the settings:

  • Title: Name the title of the membership
  • Description: Describe the membership details
  • Default Validity Period: The period which this membership would last. Once the membership expires, you can renew it for your customer again.
  • Private Mode: Control the privacy settings for customers to view which type of memberships they are in. Customers can only view their membership type when the private mode is turned off.
  • Application Process
    • Instant: The application to join memberships are approved instantly
    • Subject to Approval: The application to join memberships are subjected to merchant’s approval.

Click View Members to see the list of members and members pending to have their membership approved.



If the membership application process is set to Subjected to Approval, the customers who applies for the membership will be in the “Pending” status, which you can either accept or decline the membership.



For the list of active members, you can terminate their membership, or adjust the membership period accordingly if it differs from the Default Validity Period.

At the cart summary page under Order Breakdown, customers who are logged into their customer account will be able to see their membership type if you have turned off the Private mode of the membership:


*Note: Customers can only apply for one type of membership

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