The Customers page is where can manage your customers to check their order history, access their information, create memberships for them, export the data (Feature Coming Soon) for your marketing purposes, and run the loyalty point system.

As your customers checkout from your online store, they can either sign up for a customer’s account, sign in through Facebook or do a guest checkout.

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For customers who choose to sign up for a customer account, their information will be saved and captured in the system so that it saves them the hassle to re-fill their information the next time they return for a purchase.Untitled


Customers can view and edit their profile at the shopfront and save their personal details in the database. They can also see their personal Order History for the shop they are visiting.Untitled

Likewise, if your customers signed up for a customer account, their data will be stored here. However, customer’s data will not be available for those who opted for the guest checkout or sign in through Facebook.


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