Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points

Create a customer loyalty program to reward and retain your returning customers, and in return boost sales for your online business.

In Tackthis, you can allocate loyalty points to the different tiers of memberships, such that as customers make purchases, they can also earn an allotment of points that can be used to redeem for discounts for future purchases.

To configure the settings:

  • Loyalty Point Title: Name the title of the loyalty point. (This would not be visible to customers)
  • Description: Provide a description of how the loyalty point program works
  • Point Name: Name your points that relates to your brand, products, or site theme, so that your customers can easily associate or interact with you. It can be creative, for eg, if you are running fitness related business, you can call it “Muscle Points”
  • Point Abbreviation: It represents your Point Name. Using the example above, the point abbreviation can be “MPTS”

With the settings configured, this is what your customers will see at the shop front:


Rules Settings

You can add rules to determine the allocation of the loyalty points.


Select Public so that all customers are entitled for the loyalty points for their purchases.

If the loyalty points are only for members, you will have to create the membership types at Membership page first, then return to this page again to select the membership type to be applied to this rule.

Under Point Per SGD, enter the points the customer can earn per dollar spent. The currency displayed correlates with the default currency you set in the Shop Settings. You can continue to add rules to align the loyalty point to the types of memberships.  For eg:

  • Bronze Membership earns 1 Point Per SGD spent
  • Silver Membership earns 2 Points Per SGD spent
  • Gold Membership earns 5 Points Per SGD spent

Once the Loyalty Program is activated, your members are able to check how much points were accumulated purchasing from your online store.

Note that the points will only be credited to customer’s account when the payment status is “Payment Received”. In cases where a refund was made to the customer, the points that were previously rewarded will be withdrawn from the customer’s account as well.

Next, you can create Loyalty Points Discounts for your loyal customers to redeem discounts based on the points they earned! Learn more about  Loyalty Points Discounts.

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