Calculating Delivery Costs of UNLIPAKs

Calculating Delivery Costs of UNLIPAKs

UNLIPAK is Xend’s volume-based packaging system. This means that you will not be charged based on the weight of your packages, but rather on the number and size of the packages. Before you begin reading this page of the Help Guide, you may want to refer to Xend’s updated shipment rates first.

Here’s an example of how to calculate delivery costs of UNLIPAKs:

You’ve decided to set your Default Pouch Size as Large Pouch. You’ve also set the Max Qty value for Large Pouches to be 4 and XL Pouches to be 1.


In your Product List, you have assigned some products, such as the Court Tempo sneakers and soccer star figurines, to the Large Pouch. The tennis racket has been assigned to the XL Pouch. Some products, such as the Tokuten sneakers, have no assignment.

xend_productlistLet’s assume that a buyer has 3 types of products in his shopping cart: 2 pairs of Tokuten sneakers, 3 pairs of Court Tempo sneakers, and 2 Tennis Rackets. He lives in Manila and thus qualifies for Metro Manila delivery, where parcels are delivered the next working day. For those living in Provincial destinations, delivery takes 1 to 3 working days.

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Here’s how the delivery fees will be calculated:

  1. The Tennis Rackets have been previously assigned by you to XL Pouches. As the Max Qty you’ve set earlier for XL Pouches was 1, only 1 tennis racket will be placed into a single XL Pouch. As such, you will require 2 XL Pouches for the 2 tennis rackets the customer ordered.
  2. The customer has purchased a total of 5 pairs of shoes. Each Large Pouch can fit up to 4 items because of the Max Qty that was set earlier. So, in order to ship all 5 pairs, you would require 2 Large Pouches (4 pairs in one Large Pouch and 1 pair in another Large Pouch).
  3. The total number of pouches you need is summarised in the Orders panel. You can view this by simply clicking on the View order details button.vieworderdetailsbutton_xendAt the Delivery Information section in the Order Details page, you’ll see a brief overview on the number of pouches you’ll need at the bottom. In this case, 2 Large Pouches and 2 XL Pouches are required. Thus, the you’ll need 4 pouches in total to pack this customer’s order for Xend delivery. Click on Show Packaging Breakdown to reveal greater details about which products have been assigned to which type of pouch.
  4. According to Xend’s current information for Metro Manila deliveries, Large Pouches are chargeable at ₱59, while XL Pouches are chargeable at ₱79. Since you have 2 Large Pouches and 2 XL Pouches, the delivery cost will amount to a sum of ₱276, regardless of the weight of your pouches.

Note that UNLIPAKs are provided to merchants for free upon request from Xend.

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