Product Packaging Settings

Product Packaging Settings

You can choose the Packaging Type for your products to be delivered by Zyllem. There are two options to choose from: Own Packaging and Fixed Packaging.

Own Packaging: The product package will be calculated by weights. Different pricings will be charged according to different package weights. Note that in order for Zyllem to work under Own Packaging, all your products must have weights added to the product information. You can indicate the product weight under the Product List

You may refer to Zyllem’s shipping fees by weight:

zyllem delivery rates

Fixed Packaging: Options will be based on the dimensions of the product package. Select the Fixed Packaging option, and a “Product Packaging Settings” option will appear. Click on the green button to configure the product packaging settings.

zyllem product packaging settings

Configuring the product packaging settings allow you to choose which packaging size you would want to set as the Default Packaging Size, what sizes you would want to allocate to your products in the Product List, and determine how many products can go into a single package under the Packaging Settings. Scroll down to continue learning more about each section found here.

Default Packaging Settings

The default packaging size refers to the standard packaging size for all products. This means that all products will be packaged into this package size, unless otherwise stated in the Product List. In the example here, the “small” packaging size has been selected as default.

default packaging size

Packaging Settings

This refers to the amount of products that can be stored in the stated pouch size. In this example here, the maximum quantity for the Small package has been capped at 5. Hence, the maximum number of 5 products can be stored in the Small package.

packaging settings

Product List (Assigning Different Package Size to Different Products)

At the Product List, under the column Actions, you can assign your products according to the package sizes available. Continuing from the Packaging Settings example above, if the Yellow Maxi Dress has been assigned to the “Medium” package, the maximum number of Yellow Maxi Dress that can be stored into the Medium package is 8. If no assignment is done, they will be automatically assigned to the Small package as indicated in the Default Package Settings.

product actions

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