Edit Your Menus

Edit Your Menus

  • Basic Information
    • You will be required to fill in the basic information regarding the menu, which include:
      • Menu Name
        • You can set the name of your new menu over here. The default menu is named Shop Menu (Main Menu)
        • The menu name is mainly used for easy referencing and will not be reflected on the shop front
      • Permission to set as Main Navigation Menu
        • Main Navigation Menu refers to the primary navigational bar at the top of the online store
        • By checking this box, this will set the existing menu as the main navigation menu, and the menu will be seen at the navigational banner.


  • Menu Items
    • There are 2 main segments under menu items.
    • On the left, you will see the list of items which you can add into your navigational menu. On the right, it reflects how your navigation menu looks like on the shop front. To create your shop menu, select the items on the left to add in into your menu and you can also rearrange the order of your menu items.


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