Convert Image Files To Image URL

How To Convert Image Files To Image URL

Image files can be converted to image URLs via image hosting websites. Here are a list of popular image hosting websites:


For some websites, an account has to be created before the image hosting function can be enabled. In the example below, we have used Tinypic as the image hosting website since an account is not required to upload images.

Tinypic Image Hosting

At Tinypic, you do not need to create an account to upload images. Simply visit the website and upload the image in File option within the Upload Images & Videos Box.

At the resize option, you can choose which size you prefer your image to be, or simply let it remain unchange by choosing the default resize option.

After you are done, click the UPLOAD NOW! green button.


After it is done uploading, you will be directed to the completion page, where you will be given the image URL.

tinypic 2

Copy the image URL at the Direct Link for Layouts option and paste it into the image URL blank for banner.

tinypic 3

Click on the save button at the bottom, and click Publish. The image will be successfully published on your shopfront.

tiny pic 4

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