1. General – Fill in your General Shop Information

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Shop Name: Create a shop name to build a branding for your online store. Customers recognise and perceive you by your shop name, and how you differentiate from competitors. Your shop name will appear on every page of your shop front and order invoices sent to your customers.

Shop Status: By switching your shop status to Online, your online store will then be visible and available for your customers to visit. You can switch it to offline if the store is not ready to be published.

Shop Logo: Upload a shop logo that represents your brand or shop. Your logo will also appear at your shop front and on order invoices sent out to your customers.

Shop Description: This is where you can include an an overview of your online business, including a description of the products and services you’re providing. You can also choose to add media by clicking Insert.

To learn more about inserting media, click here.

Main Shop URL: This is where you insert the URL or domain of your online store.

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