Shopfront settings is where you can customise the your homepage just the way you want it. By using this feature, you can add a variety of things on your homepage, such as a category of products or a page content to make it appealing to new visitors.

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Default Homepage Product is where you can set one category among the categories you have added to show up on your homepage. This feature applies to all of our current themes.

You can choose to feature a collection or sales items. To feature a collection, organise your collections into categories and select the category accordingly.

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At the shopfront, customers will be able to view your selected categories on the homepage and click on the products to view more details. Products of the featured category will be displayed in rows so visitors can easily see as they scroll down the page.

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Default Homepage Content allows you to select the pages you wish to display on the homepage.

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Customers will be able to see the pages you have selected on your homepage. You can set pages like About Us or Contact Us so that visitors can learn more about your company or shop when they visit the homepage.

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