Orders Fulfilment

Orders Fulfilment

TackThis has made processing of orders seamless for you through the collaboration with the Xend, Ta-Q-Bin, and RocketUncle. Within clicks away, you can fulfill your orders in no time!

To help you understand better, the flowchart below illustrates the standard procedures of order fulfillment for a typical Tackthis store.

Note that the instructions here are only for Ta-Q-Bin, Xend or RocketUncle users. If you are using other courier services or have an internal logistics team, you can still refer to the charts below as a guideline.

Ta-Q-Bin Fulfilment Process


Learn more about the fulfilment process for Ta-Q-Bin.

RocketUncle Order/Delivery Fulfilment Process


Learn more about the fulfilment process for RocketUncle.

Xend Order/Delivery Fulfilment Process

Learn more about the fulfilment process for Xend.

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