Tackthis Wallet

TackThis Wallet

TackThis Wallet is a digital wallet which allows you to transact online in TackThis using virtual currency, providing you the convenience to make payments easily within a click away on any device.

Typically, as a TackThis merchant, you can use TackThis Wallet for the following functions:

  • Pay for your subscriptions
  • Purchase themes or apps from our Tack Store
  • Make payments for features such as bulk SMS broadcast
  • Make payments for logistics services

It can be also used as a redemption point to earn rewards from TackThis such as:

  • Referral bonus
  • Subscription rebate

In your TackThis Wallet, you can:

  • Add funds (Adding TackThis virtual currency)
  • Check your Credit Balance
  • View Past Transactions

To start using the TackThis Wallet, you can Add Funds into your TackThis Wallet by clicking on the blue Add Funds button.

The funds can be added via your Paypal account or other payment gateways that are available in TackThis for the other countries. Once the amount is added, you can use the Wallet for the transactions listed above. You will also be able to view your transaction history.

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