Running an online business may be easy, however operating an online store could vary between industries, types of goods, and individual preferences to cater to the different market needs. After all, you can’t fit everyone to a tee. As your business is expanding, you might also need more features to boost and support the performance of your online store.

This is where our TackStore comes in handy! It enables you to purchase and add useful apps to your online store whenever you like. There are plenty of apps for you to choose from, such as new shop themes, promotional tools, language options and many more.

With the TackStore, you can:

  1. Purchase additional apps to suit your online business’ growing needs. Payment can be made via your wallet credits. To learn more about our e-Wallet system, click here.
  2. Pre-order any upcoming apps without costing you any credit! Get charged only when the app is released and have been downloaded into your TackThis! account.

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